Ultrasound Therapies for Making your Ageing Skin look Decades Younger

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Facials are quite popular in today’s world. They not only help you make a fashion statement but also promote skin health, maintains flawless skin and treats skin conditions and existing diseases.

There are many different techniques used in facials such as the use of steam, exfoliation, creams, lotions and other methods of extraction. However, there are techniques that are also slowly gaining more customers which involve the use of ultrasound therapy for giving your facial skin a rejuvenating massage.

Cleaning devices like ultrasonic cleaners by Hilsonic have been around for quite some time now. The use of ultrasound therapy in treating body pain is also very popular, with devices built for home purposes.

Just like it helps reach to the deeper parts of the body including tissues, tendons and ligaments, ultrasound facial therapy also reaches to the core of the facial skin. Many parlours and massage therapists already use such techniques with great success.

Ultrasound facial is very good for the skin and will help make it firm and tight.

How does the facial ultrasonic machine look and work?

The Facial Ultrasonic machine has a paddle attached to one of its ends. The other end of the machine is held by the hands, and the paddle is gently touched to the surface which generates small micro vibrations that help easy penetration and removal of the dirt on your skin.

Is safe and easy to use

It is a very safe device to use, and it causes no downtime, swelling or pain. This device goes around 5 mm below the skin, helping massage the muscles just below the facial surface. This is even more effective than laser therapy as laser therapy doesn’t go this deep.

Lower Collagen Production

The main cause of wrinkles and aged skin is lower collagen production as women grow older. This collagen is responsible for maintaining the tightness of the skin and from preventing the skin from forming wrinkles and age lines.

Helps you look young

The deep penetration by this ultrasonic cleaning device ensures the production of more collagen through the use of ultrasound waves, helping your skin look younger.

No need to worry about any cuts

Moreover, this is a non-invasive therapy and there will be no cuts and stitches that you cause your pain. It is not only time-saving, but also greatly effective. They also help in improving blood circulation to the face, making your cheeks look rosier.

How soon can you see the results?

You can see the effects of the treatment first time itself, though some people require two or three sessions for it to actually show.

There are devices that merely help with vibrations and cleaning the dirt from your skin giving your skin a glow, and then there are other devices which clean even the deepest pores. Some also help remove the excess fat producing cells to help your face look leaner.

You can easily get rid of dead skin cells and pigmentation, and give yourself a young and fresh look. Just a trip to the parlour and a few minutes of ultrasonic therapy will ensure that you are satisfied. So what are you waiting for?